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Radiant lemon

Radiant lemon
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Radiant lemon : Gamblin Radiant Colors: eight high-intensity tints - mixtures of pure color and white - at Value 7 on the Munsell System evenly spaced around the color wheel. Using the Radiant tints, painters can build traditional under paintings, then glaze for optical effects of light and shade - enabling painters of today to explore a technique of the past. Using tints (pure color + white), painters can make the brightest paintings. Using shade [pure color + black], painters can make deep, luminous paintings, accenting with white and tints. Using tone [pure color + white + black], painters can build paintings by value of pure light tints and grey. Pigment: Hansa Yellow Light, Titanium dioxide, (PY 3, PW 6) Vehicle: Alkali refined linseed oil Lightfastness II, Series 2, OPAQUE